original paintings and Drawings of Abstract, Cubist and Surreallism.

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This is my gallery of Abstract, Cubist and Surreal original art paintings and Drawings. I paint landscapes, cityscapes, animals and people pop art abstracts.

Yellow and Blue 2 faced woman

"Yellow and Blue 2 faced woman "
Two faced lady

"Two faced lady"
soul collision abstract art

"collisionof souls blue & red abstract art"
Abstract Vampire Woman

"Abstract Vampire Woman Circus Freak"
Woman crying Abstract face

"Woman crying tears Abstract face "
suspicious woman abstract art

"suspicious woman abstract art"
Hope Springs Eternal

"Hope Springs Eternal "
Neon Fairy Rose Girl

"neon Rose fairy woman"
Evil Of Heart break

"Turned evil by heart break"
Half Breed Woman

"Half Breed Woman abstract"
Half Breed fairy

"Half Breed big eye fairy"
Cat and Dog Buddies

"Kitty Cat and Puppy Dog Buddies"
Cat Family

"Family Of Cats"
creation vortex

"Vortex Of Creation"
Race Car Flag girl

"Race Car Flag girl "
Rose lady

"Rose Lady Abstract art "
Burlesque Circus Dancer

"Burlesque Circus Dancer Lady Abtsract art "
brown and hot pink mermaid

"Hot Pink and brown mermaid Abstract art "
Confused Woman

"Confused Woman Abstract drawing"
blue and purple mermaid

"blue and purple mermaid Abstract"
Rave Girl

"Rave Girl Abstract"
discombobulated woman

"discombobulated woman Abstract"
disgusted woman

"disgusted woman Abstract face"
abstract eyes

"The Eyes Are The
Gateway to the soul"
rainbow flames

"Abstract rainbow flames"
The Eyes Have It

"The Eyes Have It"
Nightmare Faces

"Nightmare Faces"
Womens Faces From The Past

"Womens Faces From The Past"
The Fight For Souls

"The Fight For Souls abstract surreal art"
School Of fish

"Over crowded School Of fish abstract art"
Volcanic Lava Abstract art

"Volcanic Lava Abstract art"
Floral daisies Abstract art

"Daisy flowers Abstract art"
Frames of life Abstract art

"Frames of Distorted Life Abstract art"
The Free spirit Abstract art

"The Free spirit Abstract art"
The Princess And the Frog Abstract art

"The Princess And the Frog Abstract art"
Girl Stuck In Dream World

"Girl Stuck In Dream World surreal art"

All my images are copyrighted Elizavella 2017

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