This is My info Page and some fun pictures.

Hi my name is Elizavella. Iam an easy going fun loving person with a positive attitude towards life. I have friends from all walks of life and accept everybody for who they are
I come from a family of 4 girls me being the oldest. I grew up in california most of my life and went to James Logan High School in union city. I loved living in the Bay area because
at the time it was really Rockin and original music and bands were every where. AAAH the good old days :). I ended up moving to Montana which is truly Gods country and such and inspiration
to my art and music. Even though i love the big city sometimes Ive always been a country girl at heart and prefer to be around nature and wildlife whch is why I stay in Montana and have been here for 30 years
Iam a mother of 3 wonderful sons. All of whom are Musically and artistically talented. I come from a musical background and from a big family.

When I was younger my parents had a Rock and Roll band for many years. My mom was a vocalist and my dad was a drummer. I would always get to sing with them and play the guitar when they
would have band rehearsals in a our garage in Union City California. I really love to sing and write songs. I find I can really express myself through my music. There is nothing as exciting as being on stage
and watching people smile and having fun!

I have been in several bands and have played at many different venues. I have been in bands that have opened for Quiot Riot, Great White and Blind Tribe.
We did many styles of music of Rock and Roll, Metal , Blues, and latin Rock. Heavy Metal rock and Motown blues is my favorite music. My favorite vocalists and influences are Dio, Judas Priest, Janis Joplin, Uriah Heep,
AC/DC, all Motown Sounds, the Beatles and many others. In my bands we did music from both male and female artists. But writing my own songs is what I like best.

I'm also a self taught Fanatsy artistand have been painting and drawing all of my life. I started when I was 2 years old and have been going ever since.
Through my art I try to create my own world of fantasy and spiritual energy. To put my soul on paper or canvas :)To create a place where I can escape
the repitition of every day life, if even just for a few moments. I spend most of my time painting and drawing. My art is a place where I feel safe and free from
the rules of society. It is my private dwelling place. It is through my creations I live a life with no rules no expectations and no limits. I can let my imagination soar!

"If you have the music and art in your heart, then go with it and have fun. Make every day count, and KEEP ON DREAMING AND CREATING!"

Elizavella Bowers Artist and Musician
"Me Elizavella


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