Elizavellas Original Abstract and Surrealism online artist Gallery.

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This is my gallery of my original original abstract and surreal
paintings and Drawings Ive done over the years


Abstract vengeful Ghost woman

"Abstract Vengeful Ghost woman

Two Faced Woman

"Two Faced Woman

soul collision

"soul collision abstract art Drawing

Abstract Yellow and Blue Face

"Abstract Yellow and Blue Face woman

Race Flag Girl

"Race Flag Girl abstract

Woman thinking

"Blue and Orange Woman thinking abstract art Drawing

My Beautiful Roses

"Abstract womans face roses flowers

Faces From The Past

"Nightmare Faces From The Past

discombobulated Woman

"discombobulated Womans face abstract art Drawing

Nude Woman By Red Curtain

"Nude Woman By Red Curtain

gothic circus girl abstract

"gothic circus girl abstract art Drawing

woman crying face abstract

"Womans crying face abstract art Drawing

Purple Green elf Lady Abstract art

"Purple Green elf Lady Abstract art

Smiley Moon Faces Abstract art abstract

"Smiley Moon Faces Abstract art drawing

Hope Springs Eternal Abstract art

"Hope Springs Eternal Abstract art drawing

Fish and faces Abstract art

"Fish and faces Abstract art drawing

Mother Nature Abstract art

"mother nature

Inner Beauty Abstract art

"Inner Beauty Abstract art watercolor painting

leaf Abstract art

"colorful leaves Abstract art painting

Creating The World Abstract art

"Creating The World Abstract art painting

Chaos Abstract art

"Creating chaos Abstract art painting

Creation Abstract art

"Creation Abstract art canvas painting

2 Abstract girls faces art

"2 Abstract girls faces abstract art drawing

flower petals Abstract art

"flower petals abstract art painting

 black and white woman Abstract art

"black and white woman abstract art painting

 marlene dietrich face Abstract art

"marlene dietrich 1950s Womans face abstract ink drawing

 leaves and checkers Abstract art

" leaves and checkers abstract art painting

 apples in fruit bowl art

" apples in fruit bowl

 Leaf Me Alone Abstract art

" Leaf Me Alone abstract art painting

 Nature Is My Serenity Abstract art

" Nature Is My Serenity leaves abstract art painting

 connecting with Nature Abstract art

" connecting with Nature abstract art painting

 At Peace with Nature Abstract art

" At Peace with Nature abstract art painting

 colorful leaves Abstract art

" All The leaves Arent Green Nature abstract art painting

 colorful Whimsical Rose Abstract art

" Colorful Whimsical Rose Nature abstract art painting

 Hiding in Shadows leaf Abstract art

" Hiding in the Shadows leaf Abstract art painting

 Rose Fairy Abstract art

" Rose Fairy abstract art painting

 Simply Divine woman Abstract art

" Simply Divine woman abstract art painting

 angry Face Abstract art

" Angry Face abstract pastel art painting

 Alice In Wonderland Abstract art

" Alice In Wonderland abstract art painting

 caught in a vortex Abstract art

" caught in a vortex

 Wolf Spirit Abstract art

" Wolf Spirit abstract art

 The Ancients Message Abstract art

" The Ancients Message

 Nude Angel Man Abstract art

" Nude Angel Man abstract art drawing

 woman with Bob haircut Abstract art

" woman with Bob haircut abstract painting

 Green Purple Face Fairy Abstract art

" Green Purple Face Fairy abstract markers drawing

 bird singing to girl Abstract art

" bird singing to girl

 blending in Abstract art

" Blending in colorful abstract art

 Blonde pinup girl wearing black gloves Abstract art

" Blonde pinup girl wearing black gloves

 black and blue womans face Abstract art

" black and blue womans face abstract art

 blue flowers Abstract art

" blue flowers colorful abstract art painting

 blue and orange flowers Abstract art

" blue and orange flowers Abstract art painting

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All my images are copyrighted Elizavella Bowers 2021

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