original paintings and Drawings of Fantasy fairytales, folktales, castle, princess, medieval renaissance art By Elizavella Bowers.

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This is my gallery of Fantasy Fairy tale, fables and folktales original art paintings and Drawings

Alice and the white rabbit

"Alice and the white rabbit of wonderland painting"
Alice with King and Queen of hearts

"Alice with King and Queen of hearts rulers of Wonderland"
Chestire cat king and queen of hearts

"Chestire cat spying on the king and queen of hearts""
Cinderella the house keeper

"Cinderella the house keeper"
Alice Running out of time

"Little Alice of Wonderland Alice Running out of time"
knave of hearts

"knave of hearts lady""
Wicked Queen of hearts

"Wicked Queen of hearts"
Mad Hatters Tea Party

"Mad Hatters Tea Party"
Whimsical Queen

"The Silly Whimsical Queen""
Princess and court jester

"Princess and court jester Kiss me You Fool"
The Liar Princess

"I Know Your Lying Princess"
The Mad Queen

"The Mad Queen and The cook
big eye Pirate Girl

"big eyed Pirate Girl"
The Lady Pirate

"The Lady Pirate"
The Mermaid and the pirate

"Mermaid rescues a pirate
Princess and Unicorn

"The Princess and The Unicorn"
A land of wonderful mysteries

" A land of wonderful mysterious creatures"
The Enchanted Land

"Journey through The Enchanted Land"
The Jungle Elf

"Big Eye jungle elf girl"
Wizard Of Oz Montage

"Wizard Of Oz Montage painting"
The abstract princess

"The Abstract Princess"
The princess And Her Secret love

"The Princess And Her Secret love Rondevouz"
Repunzel in her tower

"Princess Repunzel in her tower"
The Purple Princess And Her Roses

"The Purple Princess And Her Flower Rose Garden"
The Princess Of The Roses

"Blue Haired Princess Of The Roses"
The Sleeping Elf Princess

"Elf Princess Under A Sleeping Spell"
 Princess Snow

"Princess Snow"

All my images are copyrighted Elizavella Bowers 2018

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